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Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuels Initiative


The Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuels Initiative is focused on evaluating bio-fuels production, with a particular focus on environmental impact, technical feasibilty, and economic viability. This study considers the production of sustainable aviation fuel from three different feed stocks (sugarcane, algae, and the oils seeds of the Pongamia tree) through both technoeconomic and lifecycle analyses.

Technoeconomic Analysis

These technoeconomic models developed have been based on open and accountable information from journal reports, patents, and industry to answer important questions about the manufacturing process for sustainable aviation fuels from the three feed stocks. A production scale of 15 million gallons per year (15,000,000 Gallons/year) has been adopted to reflect a mature, full-scale biofuels production facility.

Model Feedback

This technoeconomic model is meant to be a community-updatable tool, and we encourage and welcome suggestions, corrections, and modifications to the assumptions and parameters used. In order to ensure that the model is updated in an orderly fashion and using relevant and accurate data, we require contributors to follow the instructions below. The model will be updated with data available in peer-reviewed publications or obtained directly from equipment vendors. All data must be obtained in the conditions that are prevalent in the unit operation to be updated, and must be complete enough to describe all relevant processes in the unit operation in question and related unit operations.

  • Send an email to Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer explaining why the model should be updated and how. Cite any peer-reviewed publications that support the data provided for the update. If the information was obtained from a vendor, please provide the vendor's contact information. Please attach to the email any relevant publications. A comment will be added to the relevant page for public viewing.
  • The comment can be debated for two weeks before the changes are made to the model (send any replies to the comment, which will be made public, as above). If the basis of the update is to provide evidence of an improved technology, the updated model will be checked to ensure that it results in a lower minimum selling price before it is posted in the wiki.
  • When changes are made to the model, the authors of the update will be quoted, along with the reasons for the update and the associated references, in the page describing the part of the model to be updated.

Life Cycle Analysis

LCA on the three routes was developed by Boeing R&T - Australia. Please visit the LCA page for more on this work.

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